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Bug#625974: grub installer should remind which partition Debian's / was installed on

Package: installation-report
Severity: wishlist

>From #debian-boot. A user had windows already installed on the 1st
hdd, and used d-i to install Debian on the 2nd hdd. When the question
about where grub should be installed, he took the default "sda" while
he actually wanted to install it on the 2nd hdd (and tweak the bios to
choose booting either from 1st or 2nd). What happened is that he assumed
that debian would install grub on the same hdd as where it installed the
filesystem, and he didn't realize that "sda" was actually the 1st hdd.

Reminding what partition Debian's / is on would have helped him realize
that sda is not the same disk as sdb1.

I don't remember which package provides the debconf question and didn't
find with a quick search, thus submitting to installation-report for


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