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Re: [PATCH] grub-installer: Handle disks with multi-letter names

Quoting Roland Dreier (roland@digitalvampire.org):

(snip previous discussion)

> so at least conceivably, one could have /dev/vdabc.  The code for sd is
> similar though more confusingly written, and I don't think > 26*26 SCSI
> disks is actually that far-fetched for big systems.
> Again though two letters is probably OK for now, so feel free to drop
> the change or ask me for a new patch.

So, well, the most conservative seems to be:


even if I buy the argument that /dev/vdabc is very very very unlikely
to occur, I think it doesn't hurt that much to be as complete as
possible (except by turning the regexp to something even more
unreadable, of course;.:-))

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