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Re: [INTL:kk] Enable d-i translation spellcheck for Kazakh

Quoting Timur Birsh (taem@linukz.org):
> Hello Debian Developers,
> Please enable d-i translation spellcheck [1] for Kazakh language.
> 1. http://packages.debian.org/sid/aspell-kk

Unfortunately, that has to wait...for wheezy to be released. The
spellchecker runs on people.debian.org and this machine is currently
running lenny. It should run squeeze soon, but aspell-kk isn't
available in it either.

I'm afraid that the only solution for you is running the spellchecker
on your side.

This is fairly easy : just have a full D-I checkout, then run
"scheck.sh kk" from scripts/l10n/l10n-spellcheck/cfg

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