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Bug#623430: install bug report

Quoting Miguel Figueiredo (elmig@debianpt.org):
> On Wednesday 20 April 2011 07:42:43 東政一 wrote:
> [...] 
> ???
> As advised please report in English, i can't also read.
> Anyway, there were reading errors on the CD-ROM.
> Please verify the integrity of the CD-ROM, that could had happened due to a bad CD or flaky cd-rom reader.

I got the following precisions in private mail:

"I couldn't install squeese 6.0.1a & the latest testing iso(precisely
the below url ) for my asembled pc via cdrom.
 21-Apr-2011 07:18  211M     
But  I COULD install lenny 5.08 i386-iso-cd to my pc via cdrom.                
the problem:squeese couldn't detect my cdrom properly.
in case of lenny the cdrom was recognized as /dev/hdc.
the other hand, in squeese  it  was recognized as /dev/sr0 wrongly.            
the cdrom's controller (e-ide controller) is sis5513. 
Of cource the ide controller controlls  the primary & secondary two            
drives  respectively.        
I connected  two hard disks to the primary master and slave ide .             
in case of squeese the two disks are recognized as /dev/sda ,/dev/sdb.         
yours sincerely,             
M.Azuma     "

Not sure if the problem lies in a bad CD. I would say so as I doubt
the problem would be because of a changed device name.

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