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Re: Bug#621137: Random exec failures on ARM; breaks boot -- /init: exec: line 306: run-init: Unknown error 2372692

On Thu, Apr 07, 2011, Joey Hess wrote:
> I've applied Loïc's patch to busybox git, but when I try to build a
> package to release, bits of the patch show up in
> debian/patches/debian-changes-1:1.18.4-1.1
> Can someone who understands the byzantine complexity of this
> IMNSHO unncessesary path system make the upload? Perhaps you might also 
> want to either add a HACKING file, like a few other parts of d-i that
> cannot simply be checked out of git and built have.

 Ah I should have submitted the changes in a branch of busybox.git;
 didn't spot the git repo -- my bad.

 Indeed the layout isn't too conventional: no pristine-tar branch, no
 upstream files in the repo, no upstream branch with e.g. imported
 tarballs or upstream history.  Putting busybox_1.18.4-1.dsc from the
 archive into ../ and running "git-buildpackage -S" would fail as it
 couldn't find the upstream tarball with .orig.tar.gz. With
 --git-compression=bzip2 this worked.
   It seems gbp only autodetects the compression from pristine-tar
 branches; I've now filed a bug about this.

 debdiff on the resulting .dsc shows something close to my original
 debdiff -- no debian-changes patch -- so seems good to use.

 This can be set in debian/gbp.conf, which looked unintrusive enough
 that I've now pushed this; this can be dropped when gbp autodetects
 this as well, or if the package moves to a pristine-tar branch.

 I had a stab at documenting git-buildpackage and non-gbp use in a
 README.source; in the process I've noticed that my patch missed a call
 spot of tryexec (this is what happens when you redo a patch locally
 before sending it!) and fixed that; let me know if that's ok.

Loïc Minier

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