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Bug#619236: [Cbe-oss-dev] Bug#619236: installation-reports: installation works fine on PS3 now, but we still can't boot after the installation

On 03/22/2011 02:29 AM, Antonio Ospite wrote:
> Hi,
> the installation on PS3 now completes pretty fine, however there are 
> still some details that could be improved.
> The installer warns about the boot loader not being installed, which is 
> fine, I already had the 'petitboot' bootloader installed, but some 
> configuration is still needed to make the system actually boot _after_ 
> the installation.
> petitboot needs a /etc/kboot.conf in the root filesystem with this 
> content to successfully boot the installed system:
> linux=/boot/vmlinux initrd=/boot/initrd.img root=/dev/ps3da1 quiet

I could successfully do a gnome desktop install using the
20110329 daily:


I encountered the same problems as Antonio.  Once the installer
was finished, but before it rebooted the system I used this from
a tty console:

  echo 'linux=/boot/vmlinux initrd=/boot/initrd.img root=/dev/ps3da1' > /target/etc/kboot.conf


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