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[D-I] Important change to iso-scan

Today, I uploaded iso-scan 1.32. This version includes a big rewrite
of the state machine in the component postinst script. This now allows
for ISO image choice when multiple images are found on a USB stick.

The changes were initially proposed by Frédéric Boiteux and
polished/rewritten by Frans Pop (these changes are one of the last
contributions by Frans to D-I code).

I had to post the patches to the current code in iso-scan. Hopefully,
I didn't mess up with this and just like most code touched by Frans,
I'm quite confident that nothing will be badly broken.

Still, testing these changes is highly encouraged. They will appear on
daily built images in the upcoming days.

Translators: these changes bring work for you..:-)...13 strings have
been changed or added in sublevel 3.


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