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6.0.1 updates


I have uploaded following packages:

 - kernel-wedge (to s-p-u)
 - linux-kernel-di-*-2.6 (to s-p-u)
 - debootstrap (to s-p-u)
 - colo-installer (to sid and s-p-u)
 - grub-installer (to s-p-u)
 - libdebian-installer (to s-p-u but dropping sha1 support for now)
 - cdebconf (to s-p-u)
 - hw-detect (to s-p-u)
 - console-setup (to s-p-u)
 - apt-setup (to s-p-u)

Anything missing? Now waiting them to be built in all arches.

What is planned for 6.0.2:

 - We intend to work at getting the md5 change into stable but it has
been postponed due time constraints and risk of regressions.

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