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Bug#133212: busybox-static: busybox will not exec /sbin/init

Version: 1:1.17.3-8

10.02.2002 17:32, Vincent Beffara wrote:
> Package: busybox-static
> Version: 1:0.60.2-3.1
> Severity: normal
> I'm trying to build a boot CD using initrd and busybox as a shell. The
> initrd contains :
> exec /sbin/init
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> I boot using 'init=/linuxrc' so that linuxrc gets PID 1.
> /sbin/init is a real file in the new root fs - but busybox will not use
> it, it will instead switch to its own version of init, hence not
> recognize /etc/inittab.

This was effect of "prefer applets" and "standalone shell"
options or maybe a patch to that old busybox.  It has been
fixed long long time ago, so closing this bug now, before
it hits its 10th anniversary.



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