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Bug#550584: Initial triggers patch and tracking of highest kernel

On Wed, Mar 09, 2011, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Can we work it out by looking at any kernels that are currently
> installed, or checking in u-boot setup (or similar) which kernel it's
> currently going to use? It bothers me a little that we need to keep
> state somewhere, but I don't see a better way offhand. Would it be
> better stored in /boot somewhere (yes, bikeshedding...) ?

 We can list /boot/vmlinuz-* or /boot/initrd-*; it does open the
 question of support for non-Debian kernels (e.g. self built ones),
 backups, or generally files hanging around there.  It also means we
 don't get the information the official way (according to kernel
 packaging policy).  grub does look at /boot/vmlinuz-* /boot/vmlinux-*
 /vmlinuz-* /vmlinux-* though, so why wouldn't we?  :-)

 It might or might not relate to installed kernels at all though, so
 that update-initramfs triggers flash-kernel and we flash and reflash
 the same local kernel again and again.

 /boot > I don't care, fine with me, and I might even prefer it
 depending on how many files we end up putting there.

> How well will things cope with the New World Order where the kernel
> team upload new kernels with an ABI of "trunk" during development
> phases? I guess we can add extra logic to cope with that if necessary.

 Not sure why we'd need to do anything special there?

Loïc Minier

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