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Bug#614143: os-prober: generated linux entries don't use UUIDs for root= parameter

Hi Colin, 

thank you for your response. 

> I don't think this is generally safe.
Well, on the other hand, the current assumption that the device files are 
named the same on debian and fedora doesn't seem to be safe either. 

> It relies on the kernel in
> question coming with an initramfs with suitable UUID support;
Perhaps it would be possible to introduce a blacklist for distros that 
don't support UUIDs? I don't think there are that many. 

> os-prober presumably picked this kernel up from some other boot loader's
> configuration file - perhaps /boot/grub/grub.conf in your Fedora system.
I didn't install the boot loader when I installed Fedora, so this isn't the 


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