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Bug#616733: os-prober: Does not detect MS-DOS reliably

Quoting Matti Kurkela (Matti.Kurkela@welho.com):

> Analysis:
> os-prober's MS-DOS test in /usr/lib/os-probes/mounted/20microsoft does not
> use an absolute path when it verifies that "dos" is a directory.
> Patch attached.

Thanks for this patch. I committed it.

> Further suggestions:
> Testing for the presence of "dos" directory is not a very reliable test for
> MS-DOS: the directory might exist also on systems updated from MS-DOS/Win3.1
> to Windows 9x, and the name of the MS-DOS system directory was relatively
> easy to customize.
> A better test would be to look for initial boot files: "IO.SYS" and
> "MSDOS.SYS": their location is fixed at the root of the MS-DOS/Windows
> system partition.
> Step 1) If both IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS exist, and no other versions of
> MS-Windows are detected, the OS is either MS-DOS/Win3.1 or
> Windows 9x/ME.
> Step 2) If MSDOS.SYS is a binary, the OS is MS-DOS/Win3.1;
> if MSDOS.SYS contains only text with CRLF line terminators 
> (although not necessarily ASCII only: localized versions may have
> included national characters in CP850 or other Microsoft
> proprietary extended-ASCII encodings), the OS is Windows 9x/ME.

I agree this would be more reliable. Do you think that you could
propose a patch for such improvement?

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