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Re: Preparation of fixes to 6.0.1

On Sat, 2011-02-12 at 22:46 +0000, Otavio Salvador wrote:
> I have prepare some branches that has what I am intending to upload to
> stable-proposed-updates. The modules I have changed are the following:
> grub-installer

Doesn't look like this got uploaded yet?  The relevant fix is in
unstable but not testing yet; could we unblock the unstable package?

> linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6

Presumably needs the kernel to be in before uploading.  Also, I'd
assumed that each of the l-k-d-i-* would get re-uploaded after the
kernel had been updated?  That's certainly what tended to happen for

> tasksel

We agreed to skip this.

> cdebconf

Was this a checksum-related change?  I can't immediately find a
repository for it in order to check.

> debootstrap

Uploaded and accepted minus the checksum changes, as agreed.

> kernel-wedge

Not uploaded yet?

- kernel

Planned for this weekend, although not uploaded yet afaics.

- libdebian-installer

tbm's fixes for the new devices look fine.  Not updated in unstable yet
though, so you'll end up with the squeeze version being propagated

- debian-installer

Needs everything else (except d-i-n-i) to be in place first.

Is the current proposed upload everything between the 20110106 tag and
the head of the squeeze branch? (i.e. up to 60f4ca5)

As there hasn't been a d-i upload in unstable since the release, and
assuming there isn't one beforehand, the updated images from p-u should
get copied to testing and unstable during the point release; not sure
how you (-boot) and ftp-master feel about that.

- debian-installer-netboot-images

Needs updating for #616014, both for sanity and license compliance
reasons.  See above r.e. versioning.

- colo-installer

Updated in both p-u and unstable, but not in testing yet as it's on
britney's needs-approval list.  Could we unblock it?  Otherwise 1.17
+squeeze1 will end up in testing during the point release.

- console-setup

Looks okay, other than the version number should be 1.68+squeeze1.
Fixed in unstable but not migrated to testing yet; could we unblock it?

- hw-detect

The fix for #611314 was previously acked and is fine. The comment
removed as part of 4b40c64 says "# Loading snd-powermac locks up G5
systems"; is that no longer the case?

Again, this has been fixed in unstable but not unblocked for testing

- apt-setup

Admittedly I have a slight vested interest here, but getting #613910
fixed in squeeze (and preferably unstable and testing) should help
reduce the support burden on #debian from people who chose not to use a
network mirror during install uncommenting the broken sources.list
entries, either manually or using e.g. update-manager, and then being
surprised when they don't work.

- anything I missed?



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