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Bug#616143: Clarification request about --control-path interface

Joy Hess sayd:

> multiarch moves the directory, so all of this could break.
> (Although given current debootstrap symlinking, maybe not.)

I have some questions, sorry for being too naïve there, but I would
like to fully understand if my assumptions are right.

> This could all be future-proofed by running dpkg-query --control-path
> in the chroot.

The manpage of dpkg-query states that:

----- * -----
-c, --control-path package-name [control-file]
              List  paths  for  control files installed to your system
from package-name.  If control-file is specified
              then only list the path for that control file if it is
present. Warning: this command is semi-public,  it
              should  be used only as a last resort solution, and if
no other interface is available. It might get dep‐
              recated later on if better interfaces or the current
architectural deficiencies have been solved.
----- * -----

The above "future proof" and "deprecated later" about the same
interface, rise me some doubts.

Maybe it is just the manpage od dpkg-query that should be updated here?

Regarding the code in live-installer, If I understood that matter
right, I should call "dpkg-query --control-path" for each package
which I'm interested in.

I cannot call 'dirname "$(dpkg-query --control-path dpkg | head -1)"'
to have a common path that I could use through previous code (meaning
for all packages)

This because multiarch could give back different (base) paths for
different package architectures.

I got it?


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