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Bug#616051: no root account after installation

Package: installation-reports
Version: 6.0.0

Besides other problems with my new installation of Debian 6.0.0 (stable), I am unable to sign in as "root" (I do have the right password).  The sign-in screen (which is for "GNOME" only) has only my user account listed besides "other".  When I click "other" and put in "root" or "su-" and then insert the correct password I get the message "Authentication failure".  This is a i386 version DVD#1 ISO downloaded from the Debian web-sight onto a MS Windows machine.  Then, burned to a DVD+R disk using "Roxio easy media creator 10" software to create a boot-able disk.  I have two HD's, one with Windows XP and the other HD new and blank that I partitioned (using guided partitioning with LVM option three- home,root,swap.1. temp, & usr partitions) and installed Debian on.

Inside of "GNOME" going to Update Manager, Software Sources, Synoptic Package Manager, and Users and Groups (under the "System/Administration header) I can input the "root" password and then work as an administrator in those dialog boxes.  But, after becoming an "Administrator for this session", in the Network Settings, and Time & Day dialog boxes it says "Authentication Needed" with no way to input a password though I don't need to re-input the password in again going back to say the "Update Manager".  When I set myself up as "Administrator for this session" I still cannot do any root work in a "terminal" screen.

Also, when I logout of "GNOME" I can only turn off the machine and when I turn on the machine I can only log into GNOME.  The only way to get a command line is to open a "terminal" within GNOME.  I don't know if this is normal or not as I am new to Linux.

As this seems to be a major bug, could it be that I somehow have a corrupted DVD, as there are a couple of other problems I also have at this early date.  (grub doesn't  list  my  Windows OS at boot time though  it mentioned it during the installation, and also my two HD's were listed as SCSI instead of IDE during installation).

I do not have an internet connection for the machine I have installed Debian on so I cannot send in any scripts that were generated.  If all else fails, could I simply re-partition and reinstall to totally get rid of everything on the HD I put Debian on.  The only thing with this would be "grub" which I think is on the MBR of my HD with the windows OS on it, would that be a problem or would a new grub be generated along with the new installation.

Thanks and hope you can help, Stan Ryan.
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