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Bug#595696: Bug#594817: console-setup should configure the width&height of the console

Anton Zinoviev, le Mon 28 Feb 2011 18:07:00 +0200, a écrit :
> 1a. If framebuffer is used and fbset is installed, then use "fbset -s".
> 1b. If framebuffer is used but fbset is not installed, then unknown.
> 1c. If framebuffer is not used and /proc/cmdline doesn't contain "vga" 
>     option, then assume standard VGA text mode resolution.
> 1d. If framebuffer is not used and there is an "vga" option, then unknown.

Mmm, I believe you can get the actual resolution by using the KDFONTOP's
KD_FONT_OP_GET ioctl() to know the current font size.

> 3. If the resolution is known, then add the screen resolution to the 
> font size to make the choice easier:
> 6x12 (213x85) framebuffer only
> 8x14 (160x64)
> 8x16 (160x73)
> 10x20 (128x51) framebuffer only
> 11x22 (116x46) framebuffer only
> 12x24 (106x42) framebuffer only
> 14x28 (91x36) framebuffer only
> 16x32 (80x32) framebuffer only

That'd be a good thing, indeed.

> 4. Propose the user to reduce the number of the columns on the screen 
> (suggesting 80).  
> I suppose reducing the number of rows is not that useful, so no need for 
> a question for SCREEN_HEIGHT.



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