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Bug#614936: keyboard-configuration: Modifier keys (ctrl, shift, alt) not working - Bluetooth keyboard

On 02/24/2011 04:02 PM, Anton Zinoviev wrote:

 On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 12:48:41PM +0100, Hyrob wrote:

 The problem basicly is that when pressing any of the modifier keys
 they do not 'modify' the keys pressed simultaneusly with them.

 Does this keyboard work on the console?

It kind of does - everything except the modifiers (shift,alt,delete) does.
 Anyway, do this:

 1. Go to the text console and login as root (alternatively login as
 another user and use "sudo su" to become root).

 In order to go to the text console normaly you would use Ctrl+Alt+F1,
 but if the faulty Ctrl and Alt make this combination not work, then
 start a X terminal emulator (i.e. xterm, xrvt, gnome-terminal or
 konsole) and use the command "sudo chvt 1".

I had no problem getting to the ttys, however I do not understand why it
would be necessary to run the comands from the text mode console.
 2. Run "showkey -s".

 3. Very quickly press Shift, press A, release Shift, release A.

The output for this is the following :
0xaa 0x1e
 4. Very quickly press Shift, press Q, release Q, release Shift

The out put of this was the following :
0xaa 0x10
 5. Wait 10 sec to get the command prompt.

 6. Repeat the same but this time use "showkey -k".

For the first combination the output is :
keycode 42 press
keycode 42 release
keycode 30 press
keycode 30 release
I should point out that I was trying this many times and every time,
despite using the order : shift, a, release shift, a

For the second combination output was very similar :
keycode 42 press
keycode 42 release
keycode 16 press
keycode 16 release
Just in the previous I tested this quite extensively and I still got the
 7. Send the result.

 Anton Zinoviev

As I pointed out in the first report it seems that any key pressed while
the modifier key is pressed cancels the modifier. I noticed it when I
try to use xkeycaps to try and fix things.

Jacek Leśniewski

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