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Bug#537271: netcfg: new version of gateway reachability patch

Quoting Robert Edmonds (edmonds@debian.org):
> Christian PERRIER wrote:
> > To Robert: thanks for the patches and the finally fruitful discussion
> > with Matthew (it started a little bit hot but you guys managed to
> > handle it. That deserves applauses).
> here is a new version of the patch.  this one makes the reachability
> test conditional on !is_wireless_iface(), since wireless interfaces
> don't have the 802.1d forwarding delay problem.

What is the current status of this change. It seems to me that the
later discussion was more about choosing a "decent" timeout value than
the real involved change. So, would it be possible to commit the
proposed change?

As Matthew now clearly leads netcfg development, I suggest leaving him
the final word on this.

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