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Re: Areca 1880 Raid Controller


A Sábado 19 Fevereiro 2011 08:20:45 Adrian Kägi você escreveu:
> Hy List
> My System:
> Chassis Supermicro 846E16-R1200
> Mainboard Supermicro X8DTH-iF
> CPU Intel Xeon X5660
> Raid Areca ARC-1880-ix-24
> Debian squeeze 6.0
> The newest kernel 2.6.32 doesn't contain the driver for the arc1880 Raid
> controller.
> in this case i downloaded the driver from the areca website and compiled
> the module on a squeeze system.
> i copied the module on a usb stick, plugged in the stick during
> installation process (before hd checking/partitioning). after the
> messaged that no controller was found, i choosed the driver from usb
> drive. but without success.
> how can i load the modul during installation, and put it in the
> kernel/system??

I have checked linux-2.6.32 and this version of the arcmsr module doesn't 
support the arc-1880 controller.
linux-2.6.37 seems to support that controller:


You need a newer kernel for the installer but i don't know how to advise you 
to do that.

> Thank you for an advise!
> Regards Adrian

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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