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Bug#606242: [Continue] button icon stuck in 'Debian squeeze di rc2 i386',on screen: 'Rescue Operations','Execute a shell in Installer environment'.

On 21.01.2011
Example 10: Debian Installer Release Candidate 2.
Using: 'Graphical Rescue Mode'  of 'Debian squeeze di rc2 i386 Binary 1.'
Screen: 'Rescue Operations','Execute a shell in Installer environment'.

I selected the [Continue] button icon, The icon greyed out, the task froze.
I made my notes, then slightly moved the mouse pointer,
still within the confines of the icon frame.
The task unfroze and continued ok.

This was the second install I attempted with di-rc2 with my
'Chic, Optical Faerie' mouse on my
Machine: Motherboard: MS5169 Processor:AMD-K6-2/400  400.9Mhz
More details about this machine and mouse are specified above.

Whilst trying to reproduce the problem symptoms.
I am glad to report that this was the first reoccurence.
after about a mornings finger poking RC2 install work.

I did not come across a symptom instance at all on three install atempts on
my Machine: Motherboard: A bit KT7, Raid, 1 Ghz. (details alread given above.)
but then at his time, I was not using the same screen that Example 10, uses.

If I had to guess from the zero feedback I receive, I would speculate that
someone had addressed my earlier reports with 'one to one' use of a
'widget library' and maybe fixing each screen, some thing has improved.
 as apposed to fixing a single method in a Widget Library or somewhere,
which would have resolved all occurences,
and I would not be reporting this Symptom Example 10, here.

Again, this is only speculation from my outside observations.
There is the option that nobody has addressed the source of the error yet
(Not a problem to me), I must say that I was pleasantly surprised that I
 could NOT reproduce the symptoms in the heavily used area of the
install process such a the 'Partioning' screens to date in di-RC2.
I could easily reproduce the symptoms in previous di Beta1, Beta2 and RC1.

Rhetorical: Is there anybody there ? This software is getting better.
Well done. It would give me satisfaction to know what code area is involved.
Regards  McTech.

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