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Re: Lenny 507 install fails due to device naming and grub issues

Hi Larry,

Il giorno lun, 24/01/2011 alle 17.07 -0500, Larry Irwin ha scritto:
> A) Grub fails to install boot block.
> Message: ...the file boot grub stage1 not read correctly
> which has been seen in older posts, but not necessarily in this context.
> grub works without LVM using manual fixed partitioning...
> But, even if you use fixed partitioning, then the next issue appears...
> B) Resulting boot device reference is wrong.
> During installation, the entire disk is referenced as "sdc", which, when
> the system is rebooted will be seen as "sda".
> But, grub's device map and the system's fstab all refer to sdc, which no
> longer exists.
> Even when grub does install in the boot sector properly, manual booting
> via grub is required since the device references are inaccurate after
> the boot image and USB are no longer "ahead" of the boot device.

The only solution you have is to use UUID for specifing all volumes
in /etc/fstab and grub configuration file. I run a lot of dell machines
with this kind of problems, and I switched to UUID and grub-pc solving
the problem.


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