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Bug#603974: Logs of live-installer runs

Too ease the resolution of this bug, I attached the log of debian installer 
with live-installer with and without a "Depends: console-setup-udeb" in the 
live-installer debian/control file.

In the nodep install I got XKBLAYOUT="us" instead of "it" in 
/etc/default/keyboard and calling setupcon at first reboot didn't fixed the 
keyboard layout.

Having console-setup-udeb as dependency of live-installer produced a correct 
value for XKBLAYOUT (it), still setupcon at first reboot does not fix keyboard 

Using the live-installer with explicit calls for console-setup-udeb (idea took 
from auto-install postinst) still does not fix the keyboard console but fix it 
after a "setupcon" invocking upon first reboot.

Test system description:

The images were generated with those auto/config files and Makefile attached 
(there for convenience), with a live-build that includes console-setup-udeb 
and with live-installer patched as mentioned and put in config/binary_local-
udebs/ as needed.


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#!/usr/bin/make -f

ISOFILE := $(shell echo live_rb_`date +%F`.iso)
IMAGE := binary-hybrid.iso

default: config build

	lb config

build: $(IMAGE)

	su-to-root -c "lb build"

test: $(IMAGE)
	su-to-root -c "qemu -boot d -cdrom binary.iso -m 256 -net nic,vlan=0 -net user,vlan=0 -net nic,vlan=1 -net tap,vlan=1 -hda hda.qcow2"

	-su-to-root -c "lb clean"
	-find config -maxdepth 1 -type f -delete

	-su-to-root -c "lb chroot_sysfs remove"
	-su-to-root -c "lb chroot_proc remove"
	-su-to-root -c "lb chroot_devpts remove"

	-su-to-root -c "lb chroot_sysfs install"
	-su-to-root -c "lb chroot_proc install"
	-su-to-root -c "lb chroot_devpts install"

dist_clean: clean
	-su-to-root -c "lb clean --purge"

.PHONY: clean config

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