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Re: IPv6 support in debian installer

On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 05:48:28AM -0500, Martin Millnert wrote:
> On Sat, 2011-01-22 at 21:16 +1100, Matthew Palmer wrote:
> > I was aware of the existence of rDNS-in-RA, but I didn't know what tool (if
> > any) on Linux handled it.  Looks like rdnssd is the way to go.  Do you
> > happen to know what radvd magic is required to send out RAs with the rDNS
> > servers in, so I can test it (and avoid having to run DHCPv6 at home)?
> The radvd package on squeeze comes with two examples
> (in /usr/share/doc/radvd/examples/ IIRC). The longer one of those has a
> RDNSS snippet towards the end of the file that I used today in radvd.
> (and tcpdump printed the info with the verbose flag, but I haven't tried
> it further)

That'll be it... I'm still using the radvd in lenny on my home server. 

> > >   4) eventually and finally complete support for auto-configuration of
> > > all IPv6-only network settings, which I admit is far from trivial.
> > 
> > I'm up for handling anything that d-i handles for IPv4, pretty much, but I'm
> > not planning on going all out with every possible bit of network
> > configuration (SIP servers?  Naaaah).
> Oh, that's not what I meant. :)  I meant address/gateway/resolver only,
> but the hard part being using a variety of means to find them.

Ah, I see. I'm definitely planning on supporting all autoconfiguration
methods that are (a) standardised, (b) have software support in Debian, and
(c) don't completely conflict with each other.  Being a long time reader of
NANOG, I know the range of options and how no two people can seem to agree
on any of them being the preferred option...

- Matt

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