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Bug#307232: marked as done (can't boot rc3 netboot+cd on oldworld, floppy undocumented (Re: Can't boot floppy on PowerMac G3))

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package: debian-installer-manual

mainly a repost to the BTS, one more info: cd booting on oldworld was possible 
with woody, according to http://www.biccard.com/alan/7200/7200boot.html


On Sunday 24 April 2005 19:53, Jon Niehof wrote:
> I see on the status page that CD booting should work on old
> world now--is there any documentation on that? Despite the media
> bay ATAPI interface being listed in the device aliases, I can't
> get a directory listing on it in OFW and "boot cdrom:" just
> boots macos off the hard drive. I presume the yaboot
> instructions in the installer manual aren't applicable.

According to the (netbsd)-docs I found, it's "bood cd:" or 
"boot scsi/sd@3:0/install/powerpc/vmlinuz-coff.initrd" for my 7200 where the 
scsi-cd has id 3.

0 > boot scsi/sd@3:0  
RESETing to change Configuration!
no bootable HFS partition
Open Firmware, 1.0.5
To continue booting the MacOS type:
To continue booting from the default boot device type:
0 > boot scsi/sd@3:,/install/powerpc/vmlinuz-coff.initrd bad partition number, 
using 0 can't OPEN: scsi/sd@3:,/install/powerpc/vmlinuz-coff.initrd
0 > boot scsi/sd@3:/install  can't OPEN: scsi/sd@3:/install
0 > boot scsi/sd@3:/install/powerpc/vmlinuz-coff.initrd  can't OPEN: 
0 > boot scsi/sd@3:0,/install/powerpc/vmlinuz-coff.initrd bad partition 
number, using 0 can't OPEN: scsi/sd@3:0,/install/powerpc/vmlinuz-coff.initrd
0 > 

Netbooting d-i doesnt work as well. At least for the OF 1.0.5 of my 7200 the 
5.2mb initrd is too big, it works with a smaller (1.2 mb) kernels. According 
to ethereal it hangs after 8169 packets, each 588 bytes in size. This is 
roughly 4mb.

 Firmware, 1.0.5
To continue booting the MacOS type:
To continue booting from the default boot device type:
0 >   ok
0 > boot enet: file:,/tftpboot/vmlinuz-coff.initrd/DEFAULT 
CATCH!, code=FFF00400 
0 > 

# note: i only needed to enter "boot enet:" to successfully boot smaller 
# kernels.

the relevant snippet from my dhcpd.conf

host pmac7200 {                                                            
  hardware ethernet 00:00:00:00:00:00;                                  
  filename "/tftpboot/vmlinuz-coff.initrd";                                  

btw, I've just tested the 2-4 boot.img, both the daily and the rc3 image, both 
work. (Although I find it odd, that images from 03-23, the rc3 release day, 
doesnt exit...neither a link) They were fetched from 
and ~luther/d-i/sarge/images/2005-03-24/powerpc/floppy-2.4/boot.img  
and written with
dd if=/tmp/boot.img of=/dev/fd0 bs=1k conv=sync ; sync ;  
 cmp /dev/fd0 /tmp/boot.img 

- i'm still not sure about the cd issues - there are many OF versions with 
different bugs and features or vice versa ;) - but see below..
- document how to netboot on oldworld, maybe works on some models
- document the models where netbooting d-i doesnt work
- creater smaller (only-english) initrds to allow netbooting (as floppy 
bootint has legal problems)

if this is correct, booting from cd via OF is not possible.
but if 
is correct, it's possible. (With all versions of OF: quote: "(Open Firmware 
1.0.5, Open Firmware 1.1.22, Open Firmware 2.0.x, Open Firmware 2.4)"

has a overview, which model has which version of OF. (btw, the 7200 is not 
support by netbsd because of the cpu...)

misses oldworld and chrp pegasos2. (It's possible on both archs, but the 
current d-i initrd is too big for oldworld.)

definitly needs an update and a nicer URL ;-)

So I guess I will make five (? ;) bugs out of this mail to track the issues. 


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Floppies are no longer supported in the installer.
Hence, i am closing this BR.

Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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