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Bug#384655: Lower choose_interface priority when default interface has been detected

Hi Robert,

You've probably completely forgotten about this bug report... but I'm
resurrecting it in a big netcfg cleanup.

Whilst your patch is fine as it is, I'm not inclined to apply it, because
I'm planning on taking netcfg in a slightly different direction.  My plan
for default installations goes like this:

* Attempt to detect link on all interfaces
* For all interfaces that show link up, attempt DHCP
* If DHCP succeeds on an interface, consider it the winner and move on with
our day

This procedure would only happen when the user hasn't preseeded a specific
interface to use.

My rationale is that if we're going to go autoconfiguring things, there
should never be a need to ask the user for anything, and we should go to
great lengths to complete the autoconfiguration.  Asking for an interface
should only be required when we explicitly need to manually configure an
interface, and it's impossible to infer which one would be appropriate.

If this process for DHCP autoconfiguration is implemented, would that
satisfy your requirements for this bug report?  If so, I'll merge this bug
with the other one asking for mass DHCPage, so you'll know when everything
gets sorted down the line.  Otherwise, let me know your concerns, so I can
make sure your use case is addressed.

- Matt

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