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Bug#610553: installation-reports: does not cleanly deconfigure network configured with DHCP

Quoting Matthew Palmer (mpalmer@debian.org):
> clone 610553
> reassign 610553 finish-install
> reassign -1 di-utils-reboot
> thanks
> On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 03:32:59PM -0500, Jeffrey Sheinberg wrote:
> > Install of squeeze-rc1 (expert mode, non-graphical) from *.iso - works
> > great except the network is not cleanly deconfigured for DHCP.
> > 
> > Solution - please send SIGUSR2 to the "udhcpc" process at end of
> > installation (menu items: finish up the installation, or abort the
> > installation).
> That can probably be arranged.  It covers two separate packages, so I'm
> going to clone out this report to get it fixed everywhere (finish-install
> for regular completion, and di-utils-reboot for "Abort the installation").

I'd say that the first bug should be dealt in netcfg....which should
provide the appropriate finish-install.d hook

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