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Re: Debian Installer development for Wheeze - time to begin

Hi all,

...also to close this cycle and prepare for the next, it can be a good
time to "clean" the BTS from all the noise/old/irrelevant stuff assigned
to d-i [1] and leave the relevant info for 'Wheeze'^y ;-).

Just some quick numbers:
1473 outstanding bugs.
110 with patches.
218 assigned to installation reports.

IMHO bugs allocated to installation reports are not very useful. 
They should be closed on success or reassigned to the relevant package,
so the maintainers(s) can look into/merge/close/...

I will try to continue to make some maintenance on [1], feel free to
join \o/

1 -

Qua, 2011-01-19 às 12:51 -0200, Otavio Salvador escreveu:
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> Hi team!
> Debian Installer 6.0 (Squeeze) is near done. We are finishing the RC2
> release that ought to be used for Squeeze release. Minor stuff is
> already pending for 6.0.1 (r1) but in general the installer work for
> this release is complete.
> We ought to focus or development now for Wheeze and this should start
> now. Joey has done the GIT conversion of our repositories and then I
> wished to send this e-mail to clarify how we should work regarding
> branches and like.
> We won't create "squeeze" branches until necessary. We have tags for
> every upload and thus it is quite easy to branch from the required one
> in case we need to fix something for 6.0.1 or later. "master" branch
> should now be used for Wheeze's work.
> Thanks to all the work done and let's make installer even better for
> Wheeze :-D
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Melhores cumprimentos/Best regards,

Miguel Figueiredo

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