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Bug#610498: installation-reports: D510MO-mainboard - where to find missing rtl81168d-1.fw?

severity 610498 important


Janusz S. Bień <jsbien@mimuw.edu.pl> (19/01/2011):
> When running the installer on a D510MO-mainboard computer the
> non-free driver rtl81168d-1.fw is requested.  The driver is not
> provided in the firmware tarball packages. Google shows no hits for
> this file name, but some postings point to r8168-8.020.00.tar.bz on
> the Realtek site, but of course I cannot compile the driver on an
> uninstalled system :-(

thanks for your report. At first glance, that's just an important (or
less?) bug, adjusting severity accordingly.


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