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Debian installer build: failed or old builds

Debian installer build overview

Failed or old builds:

* OLD BUILD:    mips Jan 13 00:16 buildd@ball build_malta_netboot-2.6 

* OLD BUILD:    mips Jan 13 00:20 buildd@ball build_r4k-ip22_cdrom-2.6 

* OLD BUILD:    mips Jan 13 00:24 buildd@ball build_r4k-ip22_netboot-2.6 

* OLD BUILD:    mips Jan 13 00:27 buildd@ball build_r5k-ip32_netboot-2.6 

* OLD BUILD:    mips Jan 13 00:32 buildd@ball build_sb1-bcm91250a_netboot-2.6 

* OLD BUILD:    mips Jan 13 00:33 buildd@ball build_miniiso 

* daily mipsel images build:
The build daemon responsible for these builds is currently moving to a
new hosting location. Daily builds should be available again within the
first two weeks of 2011.

* daily sparc images build:
Due to the lack of buildd suitable buildd machine there are currently no daily
builds for the SPARC architecture. These builds will be reenabled as soon as
as a suitable machine is available.

Totals: 167 builds (0 failed, 14 old)

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