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Bug#610133: Boot parameters (d-i preseeding) not passed to launched installer

Package: debian-installer-launcher
Version: 5
Severity: normal

I want to do a live install from the media without disrupting my
existing network connection in the live system, so I am using preseeding
from the boot prompt to attempt to accomplish this. When performed from
the launcher, it fails. When performed from one of the Install boot
options, it succeeds.

I pass "netcfg/enable=false" as a boot parameter via "Live" boot target
using the i386 iso-hybrid gnome flavour of Squeeze Debian Live rc1 at:


Then, once I am booted to the live system, the parameter is visible in
/proc/cmdline. When I launch the installer, answer the initial dialog,
and then open a shell from the installer menu, I can see that
/proc/cmdline also contains the parameter here. However, the installer
does not skip network configuration.

When I compare this with passing "netcfg/enable=false" via the "GUI
Install" boot option, network configuration is skipped as desired. So it
would appear that the launcher is not passing boot parameters to d-i
somehow. When I discussed this with Otavio on irc, he was unable to
quickly determine the cause, and requested I file this bug.


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