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Bug#609972: installation-reports: Installation of Squeeze on Dell 710m

Quoting T.F. Torrey (tftorrey@tftorrey.com):

> Installing the base system went very well, but it is very confusing
> setting up encrypted partitions. The wording is unclear, and it is
> hard to understand which action choice goes forward, and which back.
> I had two problems installing Xorg:
> 1. The synaptics touchpad does not respond to tapping or scrolling by 
> default, which is an odd choice. I was able to get it working after 
> reading instructions at wiki.debian.org.
> 2. My screen has a physical dimension of 1280x800, but X starts at 
> 1024x768, which is wrong and looks bad. Despite extensive research via 
> Google and wiki.debian.org, I have been unable to determine either the 
> cause or the solution.
> If I was not dedicated to Debian on principle, this would make me
> go away.

Given that your installation was a complete success, I do as
usual with reports for successful installations: I close the bug..:-)

This does not of course mean you weren't right to report. Knowing the
installations are correct is important for the d-i team.

Many thanks for your time testing the Debian Installer and reporting
your results. Have fun with your new Debian system!

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