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Bug#609972: installation-reports: Installation of Squeeze on Dell 710m

(Putting back bug and submitter in the loop.)

Bjørn Mork <bjorn@mork.no> (14/01/2011):
> Really?  Touchpad tapping never worked by default for me.  I have
> always assumed that I was supposed to configure something like this
> (or similar hal/udev rules previously) in xorg.conf:

I skipped some words while reading, sorry about that. Scrolling works
by default. Tapping has indeed to be enabled explicitly. Either in
xorg.conf, or in some xorg.conf.d/42-i-want-tapping.conf, or in ones
favourite settings manager. T.F., if you don't like the default, talk
to upstream, we don't deviate from their defaults.


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