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Bug#609972: installation-reports: Installation of Squeeze on Dell 710m

T.F. Torrey <tftorrey@tftorrey.com> (14/01/2011):
> I had two problems installing Xorg:
> 1. The synaptics touchpad does not respond to tapping or scrolling
> by default, which is an odd choice. I was able to get it working
> after reading instructions at wiki.debian.org.

It does work for me by default. How did you install X? Did you only
install xserver-xorg-input-evdev?

> 2. My screen has a physical dimension of 1280x800, but X starts at
> 1024x768, which is wrong and looks bad. Despite extensive research
> via Google and wiki.debian.org, I have been unable to determine
> either the cause or the solution.

(General answer, report a bug: reportbug xorg)

Wild guess, your intel card is pretty badly supported, so vesa was
picked instead. You may want to try fbdev. We (upstream and XSF)
weren't able to do anything better.


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