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Re: [Pkg-utopia-maintainers] Bug#606268: Bug#606268: Bug#606268: now ignores interfaces configured by d-i

Sorry for the short and probably unsatisfying answer. I'll try to provide more

On 09.01.2011 02:52, Michael Biebl wrote:
> On 08.01.2011 23:24, Julien Cristau wrote:
>> On Wed, Dec  8, 2010 at 12:15:02 -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
>>> Michael Biebl wrote:
>>>> Please also note that e.g. if you setup your (ethernet) connection using a
>>>> static IP configuration, we do not comment such interface configurations either.
>>>> So the issue about NM not managing certain devices extends to ethernet
>>>> interfaces as well and this behaviour has been so ever since lenny, so I'll mark
>>>> this bug accordingly.
>>> There is a world of difference between statically configuring a ethernet
>>> interface and having that interface never be managed by network-manager,
>>> and having a wireless interface that was working fine with network-manager
>>> suddenly start only connecting to a single wireless network (if any) and not
>>> appearing in network-manager anymore. This bug is about the latter problem;
>>> the former is not a problem. This is a new bug, and I tire of your attempts
>>> to deny it.
>> Is there any progress towards fixing this for squeeze?
> No

This is still true. The simple reason is, that I'm not sure how to fix this
properly for squeeze and currently I don't have a lot of time to look into this.

I'm already not very fond of the /etc/network/interfaces mangling as of now
(i.e. commenting out dhcp entries). I don't really want to go further down that

That said, this behaviour of ignoring interfaces from /etc/network/interfaces
has been so since at least lenny. So the bug title is not quite correct in that
regard. It is true, that releases that followed the Lenny version contained a
bug in the interface parser, which did not correctly mark wireless interfaces as
unmanaged when configured in /etc/network/interfaces.

People upgrading directly from Lenny won't see a change in behaviour, people who
constantly upgraded did.

This leaves the new-install case.

Imho, the cleanest solution here would be, if d-i simply wouldn't write out any
configuration (dhcp/wireless) if network-manager is installed (through the
desktop task).

CCing the d-i team, to know if that would be feasible.


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