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Bug#609618: Installation bug report re: squeeze

Quoting Otto Hunt (otto9otto@gmail.com):

> Comments/Problems: I downloaded the business card CD image of squeeze,
> burned it to a
> normal (750 Mb) CDROM. Squeeze installed smoothly, but upon reboot I got
>  the error message "no boot disk".
> I previously installed lenny and it ran just fine.
> I finally fled back to Microsoft so I could enjoy the benefits of
> Dropbox <https://www.dropbox.com/>. I really want to run Linux,
> though.


We woulc need more details about your setup, particularly the disk
setup for this machine.

Are there other disks than the one you're installing to? What is the
disk controller?

Also, can you test images from there:

These are the release candidate 1 images....which are very likely to
become the official images for the release of squeeze.

Many thanks in advance.

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