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[packages.debian.org] Please index udebs in experimental


mailing debian-www@ per packages.debian.org's footer, even though I
thought there was some plan to add a more specific footer pointing
(directly) to the people behind this service, and cc-ing -boot@ since
that's about udebs.

Currently udebs are shown for lenny to sid, but not for
experimental. An example is libpango1.0-udeb:

Of course, the version in experimental also ships an udeb with the
same name.

Another example is xserver-xorg-core-udeb, which is only shown for
testing and sid, while the same udeb is available in experimental:

It would be nice to display the udebs in experimental as well, which
would be particularly useful for those who would like to build d-i
images with some packages picked from experimental. See “Premises” for
a use case:

Please Cc either -boot@ or me in your replies.



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