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netinst.iso with 2.6.36 amd64

howto build a netinst with a new 2.6.36 kernel?

newer 6gb sas/sata raid-controllers are not supported in the actual 2.6.32 kernel but in the 2.6.36 like the areca 18x series;

i tried to build a custom netinst with packages from the squeeze repository what is not the problem because alle the packages/modules and configs are there for the 2.6.32 kernel;

but i have no idea to build the netinst with the 2.6.36 kernel, i hang creating the package-list, control, control.stub to build the required .udeb packages;

there are some informations availiable on the net but they add additional non-free firmware to the existing kernel what is not what i want to do - i want really a modified netinst with the 2.6.36 what also installs this kernel onto the target system;


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