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Bug#608996: debian-installer: reference to vol_id in /etc/fstab should be replaced by blkid

reassign 608201 partman-target

Quoting Matthias Taube (m-taube@gmx.de):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: 20101127
> Severity: minor
> After a new installation of Squeeze, the /etc/fstab contains:
> # Use 'vol_id --uuid' to print the universally unique identifier
> But squeeze does not contain the programm vol_id. It was replaced by "blkid".
> So this line should be:
> # Use 'blkid -s UUID' (from package util-linux) to print the universally unique identifier

Thanks for noticing. I reassigned this to partman-target and committed
a fix.

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