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Bug#608201: Install with network solve the problem.


Sorry for my English, I need translators.

I've been checking the installation process and I still think the problem is in those lines commented in the sources.list.

How does that process underlying the related scripts to make those comments in that file, do not know.

But we need this process to work because not only is Daniel who build their lives, but for example we in Musix, have taken great interest in having a live hd-media with which you can access all these processes which gives us (live, installer, persistent).

We need to be tested at all times. And now we have suffered a break later it will come about.

So please, if you can help us resolve this problem so we can continue with what we already proposed.

We are very grateful for your work !

And for that matter, to see if they can get the hibrid-iso so you can be persistent in a usb-stick, je je.

Thanks !!!


José A. González

Siempre GNU Linux.

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