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Bug#608828: installation-guide: Users need direction to the functionality they expect

Quoting Karl O. Pinc (kop@meme.com):

> Many users expect that their system have software that's
> not in the stock Debian stable repos.  Examples include newer
> versions of major desktop packages found in backports,
> various programs supporting different sorts of multi-media
> display, and so forth.  Chapter 8, next steps,
> should either include the content of or point users
> toward a resource like
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianSoftware, which describes
> other software resources that are supported by the Debian
> community at large.
> This should help attract and retain users who think that
> Debian "does not run the software they want".  I am not
> proposing to ignore the Debian Social Contract
> in an effort to attract as many users as possible.
> I am proposing that Debian advertise it's capabilities 
> to compete with other distros for users.  Referring
> new users to community supported software resources
> would enhance the Debian experience and further this goal.
> (Ideally this change would be made before the squeeze
> release so as not to lose years of new users.)

Squeeze is about to be released, in a few weeks at best (or
worse). So, I don't really see by which magic this would happen
(considering that any change now to the installation guide triggers a
need for translation updates).

I for one am all in favor of increasing the user accessibility to
Debian, but I really can't see how what you suggest will be
done...particularly if no patch is proposed..:-)

So, indeed, thanks in advance for the upcoming patch you will propose.

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