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Bug#608025: [debian-installer] Windows 7 entry is not written to GRUB list


I have noted the same issue and workaround as Rafael but I am using Squeeze beta 2:

    Debian GNU/Linux squeeze-di-beta2 "Squeeze" - Official Beta i386
                      NETINST Binary-1 20101203-16:34

I have now tried again with:

    Debian GNU/Linux testing "Squeeze" - Official Snapshot i386 NETINST
                          Binary-1 20110101-09:10

as suggested by Miguel with the same unfortunate result.

I have this issue on a old machine with Windows 2000 and on not-as-old laptop with Windows XP Home.

After installation, the section that one expects /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober to have filled in is empty. After running update-grub, the section appears to have been filled in correctly.

I don't have this problem on the only other machine I have that has a second OS installed. However, in this last case, the second OS is an old Debian on a second hard disk. The installation here used a USB installer in conjunction with the amd64 net installer
and not a straight net install from CD.

Happy New Year,
   Paul Bryan

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