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Bug#414117: Retitle bug (was: netcfg link detection confused by multiple interfaces with the same driver)

retitle 414117 netcfg doesn't wait long enough to detect link

I'm not seeing anything in this bug report that indicates that there's still
a problem with netcfg picking the "wrong" interface due to confusion over
which NIC from a given driver to use (and, like Jeremy, I'm not seeing
anything in the code that would make this sort of thing likely).  There
isn't even really enough detail to reproduce the hardware platform and try
to attack the problem that way.

However, Petter's report at the end seems reasonably legit, and worth
exploring.  I see a number of reports about things "taking too long", so I'm
thinking that it'd be worth implementing a progress bar to find a NIC with
link -- scan each second for 10 seconds, say, iterating over all NICs to see
if one gets a link.  Error out if nothing gets a link in that time, and
allow people to try again / handle appropriately.  It will likely get
complicated by wireless, and I haven't actually looked at the code to work
out if it's feasible, but it's my "go to" idea for now.

Not a squeeze thing, and will involve non-trivial amounts of hacking, so
I'll leave it for now and return In The Fuuuutuuuuure.

- Matt

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