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Re: Bug#606636: Reverse DNS takes precedence over netcfg/get_hostname

On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 09:53:42PM +0100, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> Floris Bos <bos@je-eigen-domein.nl> writes:
> > Not everyone has the power to change their own reverse DNS entries, or it 
> > might take time to process (send a request to the upstream provider that is 
> > responsible for the IP block, wait for them to process it, and reload the 
> > nameserver zonefile).
> > And people like to be able to choose their own hostname.
> Yeah.  Currently they can either
>  1. not preseed it but type in during installation, or

Mmmm, manual intervention during automated installation.  WIN!

>  2. set it in the DNS records.

Doesn't work if you're just using DHCP to get "an address" to use during
installation, with an automated configuration system keying off the hostname
for later (permanent) network configuration -- in addition to the "not
everyone controls their own rDNS" problem.

> Looks like it worked good enough till now.

No, it hasn't worked at all.  I gave up trying to fight this fight years
ago, and just use my own udeb which unfucks netcfg's stupidity with a
preseeded FQDN on the command line (which also, as a bonus, saves one
preseed setting).  Floris, let me know if you'd like a copy of that udeb --
it's ugly, but it works.

To reiterate my position: overriding an explicit setting by the user with a
value obtained "by magic" over the network is, was, and always will be a
really, really bad idea.

- Matt

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