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pre-upload approval for yaboot (t-p-u) and yaboot-installer

Hi release team

I ask you for pre approval of a yaboot (Powerpc Bootloader) upload to
testing-proposed-updates. The package in unstable unfortunately
contains a new upstream version and is therefore not suitable for

The upload would fix the following RC bugs: 

#572869 [S|+|=♔] [yaboot] installation-reports: PowerMac G5
installation report: ofpath doesn't work in the absence of

#580455 [S|+|=♔] [yaboot] lastest Sid upgrade breakes yaboot.conf and
(maybe) ybin

The proposed upload to t-p-u prepared by Milan Kupcevic is available
at [1]. He also tested the new package on a wide range of powerpc

Along with this upload an upload of yaboot-installer to unstable is
planned. This new version will take advantage of the new yaboot
package and avoid errors with different device enumerate during d-i
and in the installed system (see #605932). The proposed patch is in
the BTS and also tested by Milan and several ppl on debian-powerpc.

Do you approve these two uploads? Alternatively we could either upload
yaboot with an epoch to unstable or you would approve to update yaboot
to a new upstream version.


[1] http://www.quarkline.net/debian/bug/yaboot/
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