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Re: Bug#605128: installation-reports: install from usb key on dell latitude e4200 (squeeze beta1)

Hey guys,

On Sun, Dec 05, 2010 at 12:07:51AM +0100, Julien Cristau wrote:
> Yeah, I think that's what happens, but it's not enough.
> acpi-support-base Depends: console-tools | console-utilities
> console-tools Recommends: console-data, console-common
> console-common Depends: console-data, kbd
> kbd Recommends: console-data | console-setup

kbd also depends on console-common | console-setup, yet another path to
console-data …

> So all of console-common, console-data, kbd, and later console-setup get
> installed.  I think we need to switch acpi-support-base to depend on kbd
> instead of console-tools, and kbd to prefer console-setup over
> console-data.

Is there any chance to get console-setup installed earlier on?  If that
worked, we’d only have to downgrade a few Recommends: to Suggests: for
now.  Otherwise I’m perfectly fine with kbd preferring console-setup
over console-data (that’s the way it should be, anyway).

I’m not at all comfortable with switching from console-tools to kbd
right now, though.  It feels like a bad idea to change the default from
a package which is installed nearly everywhere to the 13%-popcon kbd, in
the middle of a freeze.  I’m really annoyed at myself for not pushing
this long-needed transition right after the release of Lenny, as I had
originally planned.

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