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Bug#537502: missing ethernet firmware is forgotten about

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> With my latest PXE installation testing on a laptop, I ran into a
> problem I suspect is related to this fix:
>    [ Joey Hess ]
>    * check-missing-firmware: When called from ethdetect, take interfaces
>      up and down each time through the loop. Previously this was only done
>      once, which caused a bug, as the first pass through does not prompt
>      for missing firmware, and on subsequent passes, the firmware was not
>      requested. Closes: #537502
>      (Thanks, Asbjørn Sloth Tønnesen)
> When testing PXE on a HP Mini laptop, the PXE installer starts
> normally, is able to download udebs and continue to the point where
> partman try to download more packages.  At this point 'route' report
> there is no longer any routes set up, and connections to the mirror
> fails.  I looked in the syslog, and hw-detect was running just before
> partman started, making me suspect it is the cause of this problem.

Except that code path can only be activated if check-missing-firmware is
run with a list of ethernet interfaces to up/down, which hw-detect does
not pass. Only ethdetect does.

see shy jo

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