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Bug#605774: debian-installer: Missing ehea.ko module for powerpc install

reassign 605774 kernel-wedge

Quoting xavier (xavier.grave@ipno.in2p3.fr):
> Package: debian-installer
> Version: debian-installer
> Severity: important
> Using debian-squeeze-di-beta1-powerpc-netinst.iso
> (090242bbe35c6108ca4f3b8a963e02cd) in order to install on a Power6 IBM machine
> (Machine type-model: 8203-E4A) kernel loads and boot. Then during network
> hardware detection, the ethernet board isn't recognized. Using an usb key and
> ehea.ko module, installation can continue. Then yaboot standards problems arise.

Thanks for your investigation. I'm hereby reassigning this to

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