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Re: Bug#605009: serious performance regression with ext4

On 29.11.2010 07:18, Guillem Jover wrote:

> Could someone with ext4/btrfs/xfs/etc test w/ and w/o the attached patch
> against dpkg?

I'm using ext4 (as already mentioned), my small benchmark is (re)installing
vim-runtime using dpkg -i
real    0m9.259s
user    0m4.212s
sys     0m0.752s
real    0m41.766s
user    0m4.248s
sys     0m1.028s (force-unsafe-io):
real    0m8.404s
user    0m4.244s
sys     0m0.752s (+patch posix_fadvise):
real    0m7.635s
user    0m4.272s
sys     0m0.840s


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