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Bug#604073: Please remove vbetool and radeontool from laptop task

On 20.11.2010 08:02, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Michael Biebl (biebl@debian.org):
>> Package: tasksel
>> Version: 2.84
>> Severity: normal
>> Hi,
>> I'm the maintainer of pm-utils.
>> With KMS being available for all major drivers, radeontool and vbetool
>> have become mostly obsolete. Besides, that pm-utils uses those tools is an
>> implementation detail and it should be up to the pm-utils package to
>> depend on those packages (it currently still recommends vbetool, and d-i
>> installs recommends by default)
>> Please consider removing vbetool and radeontool from the laptop task.
> Done in git. Thanks for your report.

Hi Christian,

thanks for the quick response. I just noticed that vbetool is also in the
general desktop task. I don't know why it was added there but I'd argue it does
not belong there, too


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