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Bug#604080: Xen domU fails to boot after install

Package: installation-reports

I have an amd64 dom0 with lenny

I successfully run the Debian Installer in a fresh domU

xm create -c xm-squeeze1.cfg install=true install-mirror=http://mirror.positive-internet.com/debian install-installer=http://ftp.nl.debian.org/debian/dists/testing/main/installer-amd64/current/images/

I then tried to do the first boot:

xm create -c xm-squeeze1.cfg

I get this error:

Error: Boot loader didn't return any data!

Root causes:
- Squeeze installs grub 2, which doesn't have any /boot/grub/menu.lst
- pygrub can't seem to identify the boot partition in the MBR created by the installer - pygrub on lenny is looking for /boot/grub/menu.lst (actually, /grub/menu.lst on the bootable partition)

Workaround 1:
- mount the filesystem, possibly using kpartx, manually create /boot/grub/menu.lst - tweak the cfg file to tell pygrub to look in the /boot partition (because it doesn't recognise the grub2 MBR)

bootargs = '/dev/mapper/vg00-squeeze1_disk0p1'

Workaround 2:
- mount the filesystem, possibly using kpartx
- copy the kernel and initrd to the dom0
- modify the cfg file, tell it to use the kernel and initrd from the dom0 and not use pygrub as bootloader

- the MBR should be recognisable by the lenny version of pygrub
- better error needed from pygrub when it doesn't find menu.lst
- maybe grub2 should create menu.lst for backwards compatibility? or maybe some optional tool in the domU can create it? - maybe a support package is needed for lenny dom0 users? and a helpful message to let them know it exists?

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